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High-quality eco-friendly fuel for ethanol fireplaces.

Bioethanol fuel is a natural, ethanol-based fuel produced from plants such as sugar cane or maize, and is, therefore, a much more eco-friendly alternative to traditional burning fuels.

Bioethanol fires carry a great series of benefits compared to traditional fire sources, but here are the main advantages of our Bio Flame ethanol fuel:

  • Eco-friendly and clean burning
  • Luxuriously vibrant flame color
  • Low odor – no smoke, no soot, no ash
  • Longest burn time in the market

Quantities available:

  • 12 bottles x 1-liter pack
  • 24 bottles x 1-liter pack
  • 48 bottles x 1-liter pack
  • 72 bottles x 1-liter pack
  • 144 bottles x 1-liter pack
  • 288 bottles x 1-liter pack

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Key Features

Bio Ethanol Fuel from Bio Flame lets you feel confident about your new fireplace and enjoy all the beauty and warmth without any harmful toxins or chemicals. The pack of Bio Ethanol Fuel is specially created with sugar from sugar cane, corn, beets and potatoes using a fermentation process creating a natural, all-renewable resource.

The Ethanol Fuel used in the Bio Flame Fireplace is simple to use. Within seconds, you will have it refilled, never having to worry about spills or trekking out into the cold weather for another log. While an alcohol gel fire lights up quickly in about 30 seconds or less, it doesn’t produce as much heat compared to Bio Fuel, typically 2,500-3,000 BTUs per hour. Buy your of bio ethanol fuel today.

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Reyhaneh Asbaghi
Feasible alternative

Clean, renewable and green!