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Introducing the world’s safest and most advanced ethanol burner system.

At Bio Flame, your comfort and safety is our top priority. That’s why we offer the safest and most advanced bio ethanol burners on the market. With the introduction of our new remote controlled and eco-friendly ethanol burners, prepare to elevate both the atmosphere and design of your home.

Our new SMART Bioethanol Fireplaces offer many features, including:

  • Responsive Adjustment: Adjust the size of the flame to adapt to your comfort and mood.
  • Smartphone and Smart Home Connectivity: Seamlessly control your ethanol burner through your remote, smartphone or Smart Home System with our WiFi connectivity.
  • Smart Safety Sensors: The Bio Flame Remote Controlled Smart Burner Collection is the safest burner of its kind. In fact, all of our smart burners are equipped with a child-lock, a sleep timer, an emergency extinguishing feature, CO² sensors, overheating sensors, external heat sensors, shake sensors, and more to help detect and extinguish any emergencies.
  • No Venting: Our ventless fireplaces have the ability to be installed almost anywhere without requiring any venting, gas lines or remodeling – to suit your comfort and lifestyle.
  • Beautiful Design: Brighten up your living space and add an extra level of sophistication to your home with the magic of our eco-friendly modern flames.
  • Superb Quality: The Bio Flame is the only tested and approved ethanol fireplace on the market and trusted by families worldwide.

Interested in learning more?

Our team at The Bio Flame is here to answer all your questions and determine which products are best for your space and your needs.

Contact us today at 1-844-866-8888 or email our team at info@thebioflame.com


About The Bio Flame
Since 2007 The Bio Flame has been creating unique, eco-friendly, ethanol fireplaces. Bio Flame designers and engineers have continued to set the highest standards of bio ethanol burning fireplaces in the industry with custom designs and record breaking innovations. The Bio Flame has gained great popularity amongst homebuilders, hotels/resorts and designers.
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