Innovative Ethanol Fireplace Conversion

Transform any existing wood-burning fireplace into an ethanol fireplace in minutes with this ethanol fireplace conversion kit.

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Bio Flame’s Fireplace Conversions Are Perfect to Transform Your Existing Fireplace

Whether you want to convert an existing wood-burning fireplace, an electric fireplace or a gas fireplace, a grate kit makes the switch a breeze! Our grate kits are a type of ethanol fireplace insert that features an ethanol burner enclosed in an insulated bottom tray that can be attached to any level surface–combustible or non-combustible.

See What Our Clients Say About the Conversion Collection

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We added the 16” grate to our existing wood burning fireplace in our apartment. Completely satisfied – don’t have to deal with wood/logs, instant satisfaction with no mess at all.

– Wendy Morrison

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Terrific concept and surprisingly efficient. Great staff answered all of my questions and installation was very simple.

– Marty Fitz

Benefits & Features of Our Modern Fireplace Conversions

These grate kits are specifically designed to convert an existing, wood-burning fireplace into a beautiful ethanol fireplace. The following are some unique benefits of Bio Flame’s eco-friendly conversion kits.

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Fireplace conversion kits are incredibly easy to install and use. You can simply use our easy fitting system to attach the burner to any level surface. Fill the burner with liquid ethanol fuel, light your fire, and enjoy!

Transform Your Space With a Fireplace Conversion

Join thousands of customers worldwide who have made the switch from a traditional fireplace to a modern eco-friendly ethanol fireplace. Our grate kits make the conversion to an ethanol fireplace quick, easy, and inexpensive.

Transform Your Space With a Fireplace Conversion

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