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You bet they are! Bio Flame fireplaces are the only ethanol fireplace manufacturer to receive UL/C-UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) certification. This ensures that Bio Flame fireplaces are tested and certified for your peace of mind. When researching other products, do ensure that they have UL/C-UL certification as in case of an incident, an insurance company will NOT cover a claim if the fireplace is not UL/C-UL approved.

Bio Flame fireplaces are designed to be easy to install and operate. There is no need for a chimney or flue, gas or electric lines. Most fireplaces come ready out of the box, but some need simple assembly, which will take few minutes of your time. All wall mounted models come with mounting bracket and hardware, while firebox and burners will come with installation guides for framing and installation, which will take less than an hour!

Bio Flame fireplaces can be installed anywhere in your home, both indoors and outdoors. All models are constructed using high quality 304 grade stainless steel, so corrosion is never a worry!

With our line of Grate Kits you can easily convert your existing fireplace. If you are converting a gas fireplace you have to cap the gas line and connections and then simply frame one of our models into the existing opening.

As the fuel does not produce any soot or smoke when burning, there is no cleaning needed! Simply use a damp cloth once in a while to wipe down the surface and remove and dust.

You bet it will! Bio Flame fireplaces are engineered to be heat efficient and radiate the heat into your room. As there is no venting, 100% of the heat generated will stay in your room! You can find heat output specification for a particular model on its products page

You can purchase our brand of fuel at your local hardware store (Lowes and Ace Hardware in the US, and Canadian Tire and Home Hardware in Canada). You can also order the fuel online through numerous online vendors, including Amazon, which offers same day delivery in many areas.

Bio ethanol is derived from renewable resources such as corn, therefore making it a sustainable energy source. The only residual emissions when burning bio ethanol are carbon dioxide and water steam. This makes bio ethanol fireplaces once of the safest to use in your home.

A Bio Flame fireplace is simple to operate. Fill it up, light it up and enjoy the warmth of fire! All required accessories will come with your order.

Not at all! The bio ethanol does not produce an a smell when lit. It smells like alcohol in its raw state and will give a slight odor right after the flame is extinguished similar to when a candle goes out.

The burners that the fireplace is equipped with differ in sizes, fuel capacities and burn times. Average burn times are 4 hours per liter of fuel.

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