Wall-Mounted Ethanol Fireplace Collection

Looking for a stunning fireplace that produces rich, real flames? Take advantage of our ventless wall-mounted fireplaces that spread comfort from the wall of your living space.

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Bio Flame’s Wall-Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces are Perfect For Your Living Space

Take advantage of a wall-mounted ethanol fireplace that doesn’t take away from your valuable living space.


Since 2007, Bio Flame has been a leader in ethanol fireplace innovation. We’ve designed a diverse collection of bio-ethanol fireplaces and burners that reduce environmental impact and waste while producing more heat for your commercial or living space.

See What Our Clients Say About the Wall-Mounted Collection

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“I purchased the XELO bio flame wall-mounted fireplace and I love it! I was nervous about filling the burner
with fuel & lighting the burner but it’s very easy to do.”

– Connie Queen

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“My neighbor had recommended Bio Flame and glad that she did. Living in a condo there is no fireplace, but we could not install a gas one, electric ones are too cheap looking, so we ordered the Bio Flame Lorenzo. We knew installation was easy, but we had it mounted and ready to use in 15 minutes! Very happy with the purchase and the look of the fireplace.”

– Salim Reza

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“We purchased the Lorenzo model and had it installed in less than 15 minutes! Running a gas line to our bedroom was not an option, but luckily my designer presented the Bio Flame option. Thank you!!!”

– Anita Hse

Key Features of Our Wall-Mounted Fireplaces

Our ventless ethanol fireplaces’ outstanding functionality and elegance have made them a top choice among architects, designers, and homeowners worldwide. When you purchase a Bio Flame wall-mounted fireplace, you can take advantage of the following features.

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Thanks to our wall-mounted fireplace’s quick and easy installation process, you can enjoy your new ethanol fireplace within minutes.

Elevate Your Living Room With a Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Enjoy the comfort and beauty of a real, dancing flame in your home with our wall-mounted fireplaces. With a Bio Flame bio-ethanol fireplace, your dreams of a luxurious and cozy fireplace in your office, business, or home can become a reality!

Elevate Your Living Room With a Wall-Mounted Fireplace

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