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An ethanol fire bowl is a stunning addition to any indoor or outdoor space. At Bio Flame, we have the ethanol burners and grate kits you need to create a gorgeous, portable, and safe ethanol fire bowl that will illuminate and warm any space you put it in.

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Bio Flame’s Ethanol Burners Are Ideal For Creating a Safe Bio-Ethanol Fire Bowl

With their enticing flame, ethanol fire bowls are the perfect way to create a social gathering point in your home or commercial space. At Bio Flame, we have a selection of ethanol fireplace products that can be used to create safe and stunning ethanol fire bowls for your space. Unlike other ethanol fire bowls that can pose safety risks as they are prone to toppling over, our burners and grate kits eliminate the safety risk so you can enjoy your fire bowl worry-free. Enjoy the dancing flames of your portable fire furniture as a cozy and warm fireplace indoors or a bright and eye-catching fire pit in your outdoor space.

See What Our Customers Say About Our Ethanol Fire Bowl Products

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“Terrific concept and surprisingly efficient. Great staff answered all of my questions and installation was very simple.”

– Marty Fitz

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“Terrific product and flame. Much better than electric units that I was looking at and 1/3 the price of a gas fireplace!”

– David Olufsky

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“Highly recommend to anyone looking for a fireplace. Great flame, easy to use and even easier to install!”

– Atkins Haynie

The Impressive Features of Our Ethanol Fireplace Products

From their high-end safety features to their eco-friendly fuel, our ethanol fireplace products have all the features you need.

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Unlike traditional ethanol fire bowls, our burners are UL-certified. This certification is essential because ​​an insurance company will not cover a claim if the fireplace is not UL/C-UL approved.

Enhance The Cozy Ambience In Your Space With an Ethanol Fire Pit or Bowl

Our ethanol fire pits and bowls bring people together and perfectly complement a range of design preferences. Purchase a burner or grate kit today to make the perfect ethanol fire bowl for your space.

Enhance The Cozy Ambience In Your Space With an Ethanol Fire Pit or Bowl

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