Ethanol Burner Collection

Make the fireplace of your dreams a reality with our unique ethanol burners. With no permanent or expensive connections necessary, Bio Flame burners are the perfect addition to your living space and allow you to create the space you’ve always imagined.

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BioFlame’s Ethanol Burners are The Missing Piece to Your Living Space

If you’re pursuing a unique, fiery design vision, look no further than an ethanol burner. Ethanol burners give you all the benefits of innovative ethanol fireplace technology with next to no design limitations.

See What Our Clients Say About the Ethanol Burner Collection

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“I have purchased nearly a dozen Bio Flame burners over the last few years to be used with our concrete fire pits. The burners themselves are constructed out of better material than another company that we used to use, and produce a much nicer flame. Overall great product, and service. Will definitely continue to be a customer.”

– Sean A

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“After purchasing 2 Bio Flame fireplaces, I have to say that everyone should forget about the traditional fireplaces like, gas, wood-burning, or electric
fireplaces. Bio Flame runs on bio-ethanol fuel, can be installed in any space and it took 15 minutes for me to install in my urban city basement and about
20 minutes in my cabin bathroom. Definitely recommend.”

– Danny Taylor

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“I love my new Bio Flame fireplace. I had no idea that these fireplaces even existed, otherwise I would have installed one in my condo years ago!”

– Laney Scott

Unique Features of Our Ethanol Burner Fireplaces

These beautiful, eco-friendly burners are truly a modern design marvel that has quickly become a top choice for living and office spaces all over the world. Here are some key highlights of Bio Flame’s ethanol burner fireplaces.

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We can customize virtually any burner size in multiple finishing options. All you need to do is provide our expert team with size requirements, and we will work with you to customize the burner of your dreams.

Elevate Your Space With a Modern Ethanol Burner

If you’re ready to enhance your space, our burners are an excellent choice. Designed to add a luxurious element to your home, office, hotel or other unique space, our burners can meet all of your heat and design needs.

Elevate Your Space With a Modern Ethanol Burner

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