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Custom Smokeless Fireplaces – What Statement Will You Make?

You’ve seen them in top restaurants, spas and businesses – smokeless designer fireplaces that captivate the eye, and make a lasting impression. From wall-mounted to free-standing fireplaces and from firebox models to grate kits, Bio Flame has revolutionized the concept of fireplaces.

ü Bio Flame fireplaces are versatile, giving you the freedom to change the size, colour and the shape. Whatever your style preference, the Bio Flame design team stops at nothing to bring your vision to life.

ü With zero heat loss, zero air pollution, ease of use and amazingly beautiful, captivating custom designs, it’s no wonder we’re able to boast a 60% longer-lasting rate than the competition.

ü All Bio Flame fireplaces use completely natural, plant-based sources of heat that won’t disappear through a chimney.

Check out these hot variations from our free-standing collection, and choose the one that speaks to your sense of style and comfort.



Allure Ethanol Fireplace

  • Heat nearly 750 square feet with 17,000 BTUs
  • Choose your size and colour to pair with the stainless steel construction
  • Enjoy the glow from the 10mm tempered glass and 16-inch burner



Torch Ethanol Fireplace

  • Add a soft ambience to your small space with this 4,000-BTU stainless steel construction
  • 8mm tempered glass and 1 fuel canisters
  • Enjoy inside or out with the included all-weather stainless steel cover



Rogue 2.0 Ethanol Fireplace

  • Go completely rogue with this 17,000-BTU Rogue 2.0
  • Contemporary brushed stainless steel internal framing and 16-inch burner
  • Choose the size and colour that best enhances your room

So, what kind of statement will you make with a new Bio Flame fireplace?


About The Bio Flame
Since 2007 The Bio Flame has been creating unique, eco-friendly, ethanol fireplaces. Bio Flame designers and engineers have continued to set the highest standards of bio ethanol burning fireplaces in the industry with custom designs and record breaking innovations. The Bio Flame has gained great popularity amongst homebuilders, hotels/resorts and designers.
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