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Our “Name That Flame” Ethanol Fireplace Giveaway Contest

If you’re like most of our customers, you look at our line up of ethanol fireplaces and notice the name that is associated with it. The Prive, The Lorenzo, The Argento, etc, but do you ever wonder where these names come from? In the past it has been our very… Read More

The Bio Flame Brings Ethanol Fireplace Line Up To Home And Design Shows

At The Bio Flame we are busy getting prepared for the Calgary Home and Interior Design Show! For those of you who are familiar with home shows, in particularly Canadian Home Shows you already know that these shows are always a popular opportunity for those people looking to spruce up… Read More

Ethanol Fireplace: An Online Phenomenon

The Bio Flame’s line up of ethanol fireplaces continues to grow and can now be seen all around the world. One way we are adding to this growth is by adding more and more online dealers that can distribute Bio Flame’s ethanol fireplaces to an even wider audience. With online… Read More

The Sky Is The Limit With Ethanol Fireplaces

What’s one thing interior designers, interior decorators and architects all have in common? They all come to The Bio Flame looking for the perfect ethanol fireplace or ethanol burner to complete a project for their client. Many people are looking for a modern twist on traditional design and these professionals… Read More

Completing Your Home With An Ethanol Fireplace

Every day we come across new products for the home that we think would be functional, and a nice addition to our home. We know that there are a lot of people out there like us looking for that new product to make their home complete. So we decided to… Read More

So You Wish You Could Have a Fireplace In Your Condo?

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve attended plenty of Home and Interior Design Shows to showcase our line of ethanol fireplaces. It’s still surprising to us to hear that so many people are still wishing they could have a fireplace in their home without realizing the wonders… Read More

Around The World One Ethanol Fireplace At A Time

Since 2007 The Bio Flame has been working to spread the news of our award winning ethanol fireplace and ethanol burner line up. We have seen tremendous success over the last few years with expansions into all of the major cities in North America including some of our personal favourites;… Read More

Sourcing Ethanol Fireplace Fuel Worldwide

If you have been looking at Bio Flame’s line up of ethanol fireplaces there is no doubt you see the benefits of ethanol over traditional gas or wood burning fireplaces. You might have already read our blog explaining exactly what the benefits of ethanol fuel are. What we wanted to… Read More

Convert Your Fireplace To An Ethanol Fireplace

Many of our customers ask us what they need to do to replace their current wood burning or gas fireplace with one of our more modern ethanol fireplace models. Much to their surprise, our answer is “it’s quite easy.” Homes are typically built with gas fireplaces, while these are enjoyed… Read More

Why switch to an ethanol fireplace?

We are being approached by more and more home builders looking to install ethanol fireplaces into their new homes, condo developments and new communities. Why? It’s simple really, people are becoming more aware of the benefits ethanol fireplaces have over gas or electric fireplaces. To make things easy for everyone,… Read More

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