Bio Flame’s Customized Fireplaces Attracting International Recognition

Ever heard of the popular New Zealand reality show called The Block? It’s based on the Australian series of the same name, wherein four couples are each given 10 weeks to renovate a house that’s been assigned to them. Once the renos are complete, the homes are put up for… Read More

Outdoor Fireplaces – Bringing Small Spaces to Life!

When you think of fireplaces, you might see a traditional home setup with a chimney, lots of wood stacked nearby, and a white winter scene outside. We love that visual, but things have definitely come a long way since “the olden days”! With cutting-edge technology over recent years, custom outdoor… Read More

Bioethanol Fireplace Safety Tips for Your Peace of Mind

Safety is the top priority when it comes to any fireplace—indoor or outdoor. That’s why Bio Flame insists on being an industry leader when it comes to the latest safety and technical regulations. While bioethanol fireplaces are built safely so you can enjoy years of warmth and comfort, it’s still… Read More

Custom Smokeless Fireplaces – What Statement Will You Make?

You’ve seen them in top restaurants, spas and businesses – smokeless designer fireplaces that captivate the eye, and make a lasting impression. From wall-mounted to free-standing fireplaces and from firebox models to grate kits, Bio Flame has revolutionized the concept of fireplaces. ü Bio Flame fireplaces are versatile, giving you… Read More

5 Things to Know About Converting a Wood-Burning Fireplace to Ethanol

If you have a wood-burning fireplace and are considering converting it to burning ethanol fuel, you are not alone. As more people learn about the benefits of an ethanol fireplace, and the drawbacks of a wood-burning one, they are compelled to consider the idea. Many people who have wood-burning fireplaces… Read More

5 Reasons Why Australians and New Zealanders are Choosing Ethanol Heaters

As winter makes its way to Australia and New Zealand, there are many people who are looking for new heaters. Whether they want to replace one that they have used for years or they want to opt for something a little more stylish, the start of winter is the perfect… Read More

Why We Are the Best

When it comes to purchasing an ethanol fireplace, we realize you have a choice. There are other companies that sell ethanol fireplaces, which may make your decision of who to go with a little more challenging. Rest assured that when you choose an eco-friendly fireplace from Bio Flame, you are… Read More

Summertime and Outdoor Fire Pits

Gone are the days where if you wanted a fire pit in your backyard you had to dig a hole and line it with rocks. Today, fire pits are much more sophisticated, easy to use, and look amazing. They add appeal and ambiance to any back yard, porch, or gathering… Read More

Ethanol Fireplaces Increasingly Help Warm Australia and New Zealand through the Winter

As those living in Australia and New Zealand prepare for the onset of a cold winter, many are looking for ways to keep warm. Increasingly, people are turning to ethanol fireplaces, both for warmth and for decoration. Bio Flame ethanol fireplaces become more in demand as greater numbers of people… Read More


Make Safety a Top Priority No matter what type of fireplace you have it is important to do periodic checks in order to maintain safety. In doing this, it is important that you become familiar with The Bio Flame fireplace and its procedures. Please keep this safety checklist in mind… Read More

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