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Convert Your Fireplace To An Ethanol Fireplace

Many of our customers ask us what they need to do to replace their current wood burning or gas fireplace with one of our more modern ethanol fireplace models. Much to their surprise, our answer is “it’s quite easy.” Homes are typically built with gas fireplaces, while these are enjoyed… Read More

Why switch to an ethanol fireplace?

We are being approached by more and more home builders looking to install ethanol fireplaces into their new homes, condo developments and new communities. Why? It’s simple really, people are becoming more aware of the benefits ethanol fireplaces have over gas or electric fireplaces. To make things easy for everyone,… Read More

What Is An Ethanol Fireplace Anyways?

What do you think of when you hear bio fuel fireplace, ethanol fireplace or vent-less fireplace? For many it’s a futuristic option that they don’t think pertains to their life. However, you should be thinking of one fireplace design that encompasses the benefits of bio ethanol fuel and the convenience… Read More

Calling All Interior Designers!

There are a lot of very talented interior designers out there today that are working to help turn the dreams of their clients into a reality. Whether the client is a modern day family, a bachelor/ bachelorette or a commercial development, interior designers are given the opportunity to create something… Read More

Creating a Custom Ethanol Fireplace

Five years ago The Bio Flame entered the ethanol fireplace scene. We are excited to have seen such growth in such a short amount of time and owe this success to our wonderful customers! Over the years our design team has worked with our clients to create the perfect line… Read More

The Ethanol Fireplace And Patio Season

It’s that time of year again friends, patio and backyard season has returned. With many warm months ahead of us there is a great opportunity to create the perfect backyard escape. While there are many components to creating a backyard oasis we wanted to remind you about the possibility of… Read More

What Is Bio Fuel (Bio Ethanol Fuel)?

You’ve asked yourself the question, what is an ethanol fireplace? The answer to this question has led you to now wonder what bio ethanol fuel is. More commonly called bio fuel, and developed completely from renewable resources this eco-friendly alternative to standard fireplace fuel offers what most fireplaces only dream… Read More

What Are The Benefits of Ethanol Fuel?

Bio-ethanol fuel is an eco-friendly alternative to wood burning, electric or gas fireplaces. Bio ethanol offers a modern look with a real flame. Comprised primarily of sugar cane, corn, beets, and potatoes this fuel is made of renewable resources and costs under $1/hour to burn. Using ethanol fuel in your… Read More

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