Fire is a vital part of everyone’s life however, over the years the use of the flame has changed. Wood burning fireplaces in homes were once a must, but like everything else these too have been improved. In 2007 Bio Flame decided to revolutionize the concept of a fireplace. Rather than built-in wood burning pits with vents and brick, Bio Flame created free standing, table top, wall mounted or sole burners that can heat up your home without a need for venting, gas lines or remodeling. Bio Flame was created to allow you the beauty of a real fire with no smoke, odor, ash or soot to clean up after.

What started as a simple burner designed to be used with our unique bio-ethanol fuel turned into a vast array of modern and custom Bio Flame designs that can be added to any room in the house, or placed in your backyard. Bio Flame engineers and product designers set the highest standards in the industry to set Bio Flame products in a class of its own. Our team has a consistent mandate to refine our burner construction to achieve the highest level of fuel efficiency. Bio Flame has proven this dedication with much of our burners outlasting the competitions burn times by 60%.

Bio Flame understands that all of our customers are looking for something that fits perfectly into their home. Global cooperation with our designers grants us the ability to provide the widest array of models that will fit the needs and requirements of all Bio Flame users around the world. Our design team has taken this to the next level by providing our customers with the option to create a custom Bio Flame masterpiece of their own with options to change size, color and the shape.

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